About us

Thin Film Lab is a laboratory for realization of various electronic devices such as sensors, transistors, displays and nano-structured materials. Over the past ten years, we have developed several crystallization and micro-machining techniques which have been innovative and world-class publishable. The main objective of this lab is to start from simple projects and devices and develop processes which are needed to make reliable and reproducible products. While in a research environment, we have attempted several electronic devices with a great market in industry.

We have recently developed a novel deep reactive ion-etching technique which has allowed us to fabricate advanced devices such as motion sensors, pressure sensors and micro-actuators. A novel approach to fabricate flexible televisions on plastic using a plasma display technique has been developed. Advanced devices such as MOSFET transistors have also been developed and tested with promising results. In-house fabrication of simple integrated circuits is currently being pursued by the researchers in this laboratory. Addition of an ion-implantation unit in our lab is an exclusive opportunity in this line of work. This lab has also made notable advances in nanotechnology and has been able to grow carbon nanotubes vertically.

In summary, this lab is much ongoing and its rich resume is the best proof for this claim. Hopefully, in the future we can fabricate several useful devices and simple circuits both for industrial and educational applications.

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