Photolithography and Etching

Spin Coater

The spinner system is used for spin-coating a homogeneous layer of photoresist (or other material) on the surface of the samples. In such procedures, a solution of the desired material (with a volatile liquid solvent) is spun on the surface.

KarlSuss RC-8 Spin Coater
ُSensIran MR-560


Mask-Aligner is the basic facility for photolithography. This system is employed for aligning the patterns of the different layers as well as exposing the photo resist. The aligning procedure may be performed manually (MJB 3) or automatically (MA6/BA6).

KarlSuss MJB 3
KarlSuss MA6/BA6

Reduction Systems

Using this system we can reduce the size of masks in two stages (first and second)  up to 30 times smaller.

Wet Etching

Using corresponding wet chemical etchants, we can remove certain layers after deposition and photolithography. Etchants currently used are Cr, Au, Si, Mo, Ag, Cu, Ni, W, Ti, SiO2,... etchants. These wet benches are also used for developing samples after photolithography and performing RCA procedures before deposition and oxidation.

SensIran WB-180

Reactive Ion Etching  & DRIE

A capacitive coupled plasma with the max power of 600W is used for dry isotropic etching and ashing. We have also developed a novel DRIE process that uses SF6, H2 and O2 gasses in a sequential process. This process is capable of making vertical structures with the aspect ratio of 50:1 and more on silicon substrates.

Anatech  MP-600 Planar
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